Thursday, September 3, 2009

Burnless Bakeware...

    A few months ago I ordered one of the Burnless Bakeware Cookie Sheet Liners from the Easy Bakeware website.   They offer all sorts of great freebies - all you have to pay is shipping ($7.95)!   I had been dying to try out this cookie sheet liner for awhile and I am so glad I tried it.  It's defintely worth paying the shipping cost -- even in paying that it's still a great deal!  
     I use my cookie sheet liner almost every day.  Not only can it be used to bake cookies, but I also use it when baking bread, biscuits, pizza and anything else that needs to go into the oven quickly.  And there is always very little clean up time with it since after it cools all I have to do is wash the liner and put the cookie sheet back into the cabinet!  It doesn't get any easier than that!   And I can't forget to the mention the fact that the cookie sheet liner bakes things evenly and I have yet to see a single burn when baking with this liner!  
Ah, baking just doesn't get any better than this, folks!
I also purchased a burnless square cake pan.  I haven't had an occasion to use it yet, but I'm hoping to soon. I'll keep ya'll updated when I do!
Right now Easy Bakeware is offering up all sorts of freebies.  Go HERE to see their selection!
Note: there is an option where you can get $1 shipping on your order when you participate in a trial membership for two weeks.  All should go well if you cancel within ten days (I think you have 14 until they bill you), but I did this and was still billed (twice, in fact!) and I never received what I ordered. I have heard of this working for other people, something just went wrong in my case.  So beware - it may just be cheaper to pay the $7.96 shipping fee.

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