Thursday, October 1, 2009

Creating A Stockpile...

When we first began our journey towards a more frugal lifestyle I knew we would have to make some major changes.  One of the major changes we made was not purchasing all of the things we wanted - no more frivolous purchases that we do not need (not that we do not treat ourselves on occasion - because we do - we just do it less often now than we did before).

Another change we made was buying things we did not necessarily need at the time when they were on sale.  For instance, we may have 2 bottles of shampoo at home right now, but if they are on sale for $1.28 each and I have a 1.00/2 coupon which would make them $0.78 each, I would purchase shampoo. 

The idea of creating a stockpile this way seemed foreign to me at first.  Why buy something if I have it at home already?  But the more I looked in to creating a stockpile, the more it made sense to me.  Why pay over $3 for shampoo (and most shampoos are well over $3) when I can get it for $0.78 today?!   Why pay over $3 for salad dressing when I can get it for $0.99 or less?    So our journey began towards creating a stockpile...

I aimed at purchasing a few stockpile items each grocery trip to begin building out stockpile.  That was over three months ago, and we now have a nice little stockpile {SP} here in our house.

Here are a few pictures of some things we managed to snag while on sale:



We wanted to purchase products that not only we will use
but also things that we can donate where needed

We purchased these paper plates to give to our church


We don't have a lot of storage space in our house
In fact, it's practically non-existent
so we pulled out some boxes and began storing food in them

and our freezer is near to bursting!

We have been able to purchase not only groceries, but cleaning and household supplies
above and beyond our budget by purchasing items when they are on sale
and we save even more when combing the sales items with coupons

I love knowing that since we've started our stockpiling method that we no longer have to run to the store when we run out of toothpaste and pay over $3 for a single tube.
Or if we're in a hurry and I am unable to fix what I had planned for dinner that there is
always something quick I can simply pop into the oven

Having a stockpile not only helps you buy more at a lower price
but it also gives you a cushion knowing that you have on hand what you need when you'll really need it
And it also allows you more room in your budget to share with other who are in need

Do you guys have any thoughts of stockpiling? 
Have any of you done this before? 
Or are any of you interest in doing this?

I'm curious to see what you guys think!

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