Monday, October 12, 2009

What I can accomplish in Two Hours...

Well, my Two Hour Challenge is up!

Here's what I managed to complete in Two Hours Time:

Started Towels in washer

Washed Dishes from this weekend

Picked up Dining Room - we have a bad habit of piling things on our table

Picked up Living Room - put away DVD's, folded blankets, picked up sofa pillows

Straightened things up in our Bedroom

Vacuumed Bedroom, Hallway, Dining Room and Living Room

Switched Towels into Dryer and started Clothes in Washer

Put away dishes and soaked water bottles and caps in hot soapy water

Cleaned Bathroom - scrubbed shower, sink, toilet, personal straightened items, 
cleaned shower curtain, swept floor

Swept Kitchen, Straightened up Counters, Washes Fridge inside & out

Got towels out of the dryer, put clothes into dryer, hang up clothes to air dry
put air dry clothes only into washer

Changed out the trash bag in the kitchen, pulled trash can back under
the carport (today is trash day), checked mail

Folded Clothes, Put clothes away

Folded Towels, Put Towels away

Hang up Air Dry only clothes, put Jeans into Washer

Rinse water bottles and caps, set out to dry

{my 2 hour timer went off as I finished the last water bottle! ;)}

Grab a bottle of water and a Hershey's Chocolate bar

Write this post!


Wow!  I did a lot in those two hours and you can definitely tell it by look around our house!

What can you accomplish in Two Hours Time today?

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