Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why request free samples...

When I first started ordering free samples, I thought that nothing came free.  After a few months my mailbox started bulging with all of the freebies that came my way - some great, some not so great.

But one of my favorite things about requesting free samples is that often times you not only get the freebie you request, but you also get high value coupons to boot!

I recently received my Nature Valley's Granola Nut Clusters and Chewy Bar Samples from the freebie I posted about here.  I received not only the promised freebies but coupons for $0.75 coupon for the Clusters and $0.50 coupon (which Kroger will double) for the Chewy Trail Mix Bars!  

Not a bad profit for what took me about a minute to fill out the form! :)

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