Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last couple of Walgreens Trips...

I'm pretty behind in posting my grocery shopping lately.  :P 
I most them mainly so I can look back and have a record of my shopping trips and totals.  It's really nice being able to keep track this way!

I bought all of this mascara for my mom and sister
I purchased some for myself on a trip before this
We're all set for mascara for at least a year! ;)

6 - Almay Mascara 7.99 ea
6 - Ceramic Pumkins 0.24 ea = 1.44

Subtotal = 49.38

6 - $4/1 Almay Mascara Walgreen Coupons from November Coupon Booklet (at the front of the store with ads)
-23.97 for the Almay Mascara BOGO free sale

= 1.41 + 2.48 tax

Paid 3.89 OOP
Saved 52.47!

This trip is from last night... I have some RR's expiring so I needed to roll them.  Well, things were out of stock so we ended up with stuff that didn't roll my RR's but stuff that we needed!  ;)

4 - Wags Vanity Lightbulbs {regularly priced at 2.50 ea} 0.75 ea = 3.00

= 3.00 + 0.29 tax

Paid with 1 RR + 2.29 OOP
Saved 7.00!

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