Friday, December 11, 2009

Earn a Swagbuck...

 Have I talked you into joining Swagbucks yet?  I love their site.  I finally cashed in some of my points for $10 worth of Amazon Gift Cards that I'll be using towards Christmas gifts!

If you haven't signed up yet, go here to join!

Once you join, you can follow these steps and earn your first Swagbuck for about a minutes worth of your time!
  • Go to the Swagbucks home page
  • Look in the left column for "Special Offers" NEW & click
  • Look for the blue box on the right that says "No Obligation Offers" & click
  • Scroll past the offers and skip them all
  • When you reach the end, you'll be given a unique Swag Code - Copy it
  • Go back to the Swagbucks Home Page and enter the code under your Swag Bucks total
I just did this and it took me about 50 seconds and I'm 1 Swagbuck richer than I was a minute ago.  haha  ;)  You've got to love any site that allows your to search like you normally would and will give you points for it so you can select cool prizes later on -- who doesn't love free stuff!?!  ;)

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