Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walgreens Weekly Total {week of 12.06.09}

 Cost $4.51

What can you buy for $4.51?

10 - Hefty One Zip bags
2 - Kraft Mac N Cheese
2 - Stayfree
4 - 50 ft Curling Ribbon
4 - Snowmen Salt & Pepper Shakers
3- Renu Contact Solution
2 - 50 ft rolls of Hallmark Wrapping Paper
6 - Christmas mugs
3 - 12 pk can Cokes
2 - Just for men Touch of Gray
4 - Triaminic Childrens Cold & Allergy Medication
2 - Sudafed Trip Action
4 - Neutragena mens facial lotion
2 - Chinet Paper Plates
2 - 2 count Con Air Brushes {I had need of one before this picture was taken ;) }
13 - Christmas Gift Bags

Before coupons and RR's all of the above would have cost $209.70 {not including tax!}
After Coupons and using RR's I paid a total of $20.37 Out Of Pocket
I am sending in a rebate for the Just for Men for $6.99 which will bring my OOP total to $13.38

I made a Profit of $8.87 in RR's {Register Rewards}
After all Coupons, Rebate, and RR's it cost $4.51

Now, what do I do with all of this stuff?

The mugs are for Christmas gifts for each of our siblings
The Christmas bags will hold said mugs
The Curling Ribbon & Wrapping Paper will be used to decorate gifts
The Hefty bags, The Diet Coke, and the Chinet Paper Plates were donated to our church
2 of the Snowmen Salt & Pepper Shakers will be a gift for one of our mothers
The Renu Contact Solution were given to a friend at church
The Triaminic Children's medicine was donated through our church to a family in need
....and the rest will stay here to be used in our home or to be donated if/when we see a need.

I love being able to shop this way...because of our limited buget we would be unable to help friends, families in need and our church in a financial compasity.  Since learning to shop this way, we have been able to save more and share more than ever before! 

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