Friday, December 4, 2009

Who says nothing in life isn't free....

Ya'll know that I love me some free stuff!

So I was really excited to hear a knock on the door and see that I had gotten my free photo book from!   It's absolutely gorgeous and it being 100% free only sweetened the deal!

I made a wedding book for my husband's Gran who was unable to attend our wedding due to the fact that she has surgery a few days prior.  We missed her being there a lot so I wanted to do something special for her gift.... here's a peek at our book:

The front

the back

and a few inside pages!


It's beautiful and I know that his Gran will love this gift!  =)

I'm really exited because I found another free code after this one so I ended up with two free photo books.  Score!!  ;)  I got the second as a gift for my MIL.  I know she'll love it too! Woot!

Want to make an awesome free photo book like this?  Go here to order yours!

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