Friday, August 14, 2009

E.l.F Cosmetics... HOT Deal!

I just made an amazing purchase through E.l.f Cosmetics. Right now you can get 75% off their Studio Line. This is an awesome deal that I couldn't pass up so I went ahead and bought make up for not only myself, but for Christmas gifts!

Here's what you can do to receive this awesome deal to:

Sign up on Ebates, you'll get a $5.00 sign up bonus PLUS 4% back from your purchase at E.l.f. Cosmetics.

Once you're signed up, select E.l.f. Cosmetics from the pull down menu on the right and it will take you to e.l.f Cosmetics home page.

Select items ONLY from the Studio line - for some reason though, this coupon code does not work with the single eye shadows from this line. So make sure not to select those, or try and see what happens and remove them if the discount doesn't apply to them.

Once you've selected the items you wish to purchase, go to step 1 in the check out and enter WWYB75S in the coupon code box.

Note: In step one (for me anyway, I've read that for others in was in step two) there will be an option to receive a free subscription to Marie Claire if your order totals over $20. If you do not want the magazine subscription, you can receive a rebate of $9.99 when you send a copy of your receipt and THIS form.

I had one person tell me if you enter the coupon code WWYB75S again in step two that shipping will be free. This wasn't the case for me, but it was still a great deal so I went ahead with my purchase. :) btw, I did notice that there was no tax included in this.

So, here is the summery of my order:

Total before 75% off ~ $81.00 + 6.95 shipping = $87.95
Total after 75% discount ~ $20.25 + 6.96 shipping = $ 27.20
Total after Marie Claire rebate ~ 27.20 - $.9.99 = $17.21
and that doesn't include the 4% I'll get back from Ebates!!

That's 19 items worth $81.00 for only $17.21!! You can't beat that price for cosmetics for yourself and Christmas gifts! :D Ahh, I'm so excited about this and can't wait to receive all my goodies in the mail!!

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