Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Shopping Trip...

Hubby and I decided that since we had a little extra money this month (thanks to his getting three paychecks in July) that we would spend a little more than our bi-weekly budget in order to stock up on some sale items.

Our first trip Friday night we made it to two store: Wal-mart and Kroger.


2 bags of Flour @ $1.73 ea
Powdered Sugar @ $1.66
Caramel Chocolate @ 2.84
Sweeten Condensed Milk @ $2.04
VCF @ $6.94
2 pkg nails @ $ 0.97
Chinet Paper Plates @ $2.54 (MFQ coupon $2.00 off)
Plunger @ $2.17
Hammer @ $5.27
Extension cord/surge protect @ $19.94

Total: $54.38
Total OOP: $52.28
Total Savings: $2.00

We went to Wal-Mart knowing we needed a few household items that we had been putting off so our total and savings here wasn't all that great. I was rather disappointed in this trip, but I keep reminding myself that I am just getting into this coupon world and, that since I cannot print off coupons from my computer, I am limited to the coupons I have excess to and that it will take me awhile to build up a good supply of coupons. ;) So, after my little pick-me-up-pep-talk we went to:


Angel Soft Bath Tissue $8.99 (-$3.99 In Store Savings)
Salt $0.69 (-$0.10 ISS)
Rock Salt $1.50
Raisin Bran Cereal $4.19 (-$1.69 ISS special buy 4/$10 promotion)
3 Cheddar Cheese @ $2.99 (-$3.97 3/$5 ISS)
Flour Tortillas $1.29
Yogurt $0.88
Yogurt $0.60
7.2lbs Chuck Roast $14.14 (-$13.79 ISS sale @ $1.97lb)
6lbs Ground Beef $13.79 (-$4.14 ISS sale @ $1.88lb)
2 CheezIt $5.98 (-$.98 ISS special buy 4/$10 promotion)
Keebler Rainbow Cookies $3.99 (-$1.49 ISS special buy 4/$10)
4lbs Skinless Chicken Breasts $7.96 (-$5.03 ISS sale @ 1.99lb)

Total: $97.76
Total OOP: $58.60
Total Savings: $39.16

We saved 42% by shopping the sales at Kroger and this absolutely thrilled me since we didn't use a single coupon! Even our checker was impressed!! :)

We only managed those two stores Friday night, but this morning when I got up to make rolls to go along with our roast for lunch I realized we never purchased sugar. So, we decided to hop in the car and finish the rest of our shopping (and I even went with no make up whatsoever...which is amazing for me ;)

I forgot that our church is having a 'pounding' for a lady in our church who was just diagnosed with placenta previa so we headed back to Kroger this morning to take advantage of their special promotion of buy 4 products for $10 and get $4 off at check out.

Rice Krispies Cereal $4.49
Corn Flakes Cereal $3.59
Dawn $2.99 (-$.025 MFQ coupon doubled)
Keebler Chocolate chip cookies $3.99

Total: $18.32
Total OOP: $9.26
Total Savings: $9.06

N's - Local Grocery Store

5lb Boston Pork Roast $5.18 (on sale for $0.99 lb. I'm not sure how much this normally is)
1 lb Sausage $2.00 (-$1.00 ISS)
1 lb Sausage $1.89 (-$0.89 ISS)
Tyson Chicken Nuggets $6.89 (-$2.91 ISS, -$1.00 MFQ)
Tyson Chicken Tenders $6.89 (-$2.91 ISS, -$1.00 MFQ)
Aluminum Foil $1.00
2 Flip top sandwich bags @ $1.00
Freezer Ziploc bags $1.00
Kool Aid mixes 8/$1.00
Peter Pan Peanut Butter Crunchy $2.99 (-$1.49 ISS, -$0.50 MFQ)
Peter Pan Peanut Butter Smooth $2.79 (-$1.29 ISS, -$0.50 MFQ)
Kraft Ranch Dressing $3.09 (-$2.10 ISS)
Nonstick Scrubber $1.49
Butter $1.25
2 Milk @ $2.89

Total: $50.87
Total OOP: $32.29
Total Savings: $18.48


20 lbs Potatoes 2/$4.00 (I plan on cutting these up for french fries, grating them for hash browns etc)
3lb Onions $1.99
Lemon Pepper Seasoning $1.39
6 Hamburger Helpers @ $1.00 ea (these are normally around $3-$3.50)
Pepper Jack Single Cheese slices $1.00 (my hubby loves pepper jack cheese!)
Krafts BBQ $0.99
Mustard $0.79
Beef Jerky $0.79
Garden Salad 2/$1.00
2 Jiffy Mix @ $0.39
4 Apple/Cherry Pie Leaves @ 4/$1.00
Chocolate Chips $1.69

Total: $23.19
OOP: $23.19

I was so pleased to be able to find Hamburger Helper on sale for a $1.00 each! I had a coupon, but had lost it before the sale so that was frustrating but I still managed to catch some good deals this weekend and we now have a niiice stockpile going. :) I'm eager to see how much better I can do once I start adding coupons into the picture!

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