Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 Hour Challenge Update...

I knew going into today's cleaning challenge that it was going to be tough to complete my list in the two hours time.  It ended up taking me about two hours and forty minutes.   

Here is what I accomplished:

Put Roast in the Slow cooker for dinner - It's almost ready to be shredded for BBQ!
Clean Bathroom
Straighten up and dust living room
Vacuum all floors
Make an Apple Pie and Waffles for the Freezer
I ended up making a double batch of waffles so it took a little longer
Make bed and tidy up our bedroom
Wash Dishes, sweep and mop kitchen
Fold Laundry - I still have a load in the dryer and washer and I haven't folded a single thing.

I did manage to get a lot done today and our house looks great!  I started getting tired towards the end and decided to take a break for lunch and some quick posts before finishing the laundry off.  :)  

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