Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2 Hour Challange...

I am a person who likes a challenge.  If I'm not up against a time clock, I tend to work slower with more breaks.  So, I came up with my Two Hour Challenge a few months ago and it has worked really well for me! 

Today is my first day at home since last Wednesday -- needless to say my house isn't in the best shape!  I have a lot of things that need to get done today and I am wanting to see how much of it I can get done in 2 hours.  Like my last 2 Hour Challange, I'll report back in after the two hours are up to let you know how I have done.  

Here is my list for today...

  • Put Roast in the Slow cooker for dinner
  • Laundry
  • Clean Bathroom
  • Straighten up and dust living room
  • Vacuum all floors
  • Make an Apple Pie & Waffles for the Freezer
  • Make bed and tidy up our bedroom
  • Wash Dishes, sweep and mop kitchen
  • Fold Laundry

I know that is a lot to get done in two hours, but I think I can do it -- or hit pretty close to it!   I have a few more things I need to get to today, but I'm going to focus on my main goal of just getting the house clean.

What are some things ya'll challenge yourselves with to keep your house tidy? 

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