Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Sales Shopping...

Andrew and I had a wonderful Christmas..
This year was especially wonderful because it was our first married Christmas!
We were so excited to be able to travel and spend Christmas with our families.
I even managed to grab a few after Christmas sales in preparation for next year.

Since it was our first Christmas, and we are on a tight budget, we knew we wouldn't be able to get into all of the Holiday shopping and decorations this year.  I had my eye on some things, but just never was able to get myself to purchase them at full price.
I waited, planned, and shopping when the savings
were pretty high {even without coupons! ;) }.

Here are a few of the goodies I brought home!

My Mom, Sister and I went to Wal-Mart the day after Christmas

1 - 6.5 Prelit Christmas Tree
4 - Silver Beaded Garlands
1 - Blue Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt
1 - 24 ct Red Ornaments
1 - 12 ct Blue Ornaments
1 - 12 ct Silver Ornametns
2 - Rolls of Wrapping Paper
1 - Set of 4 setting Plates
2 - 8 Pc {4 napkins, 4 mats} Place Settings
2 - Table Clothes
1 - 4 set Golden Plate Chargers
2 - Icicle Outside Lights
1 - 15 ft Prelit Garland
1 - 50 ct Ornament hoops
2 - boxes Queen Annes chocolate cover cherries {hubby loves these ;) }
1 - set of 4 rolling ribbon
1 - set  of 2 Candle Votive/Hurricanes

1 - set of 4 Holiday Sprinkles
1 - box of hoops for hanging Christmas lights
2 - things of ribbon
1 - box of Garland hanging loop thingies

Plus we dropped in at Hobby Lobby and my mother was so sweet
to purchase the above flowers and 2 candles to go with my votive!

Then the hubby and I dropped in at Target
when they were having their 75% clearance this past week

2 - Monogrammed Stockings {I love these!}
1 - bag of cinnamon scented Pine Cones
1 - Blanket of Snow
2 - Poinsettas
1 - 3 pk Dish Clothes
1 - Table Cloth + 12 Napkins
{and totally unrelated to holiday shopping}
2 - boxes Special K Cereal

All Purchased Combined Came to Approx: $130
We saved over $260!!

  For all of the above purchased items I used cash that my Grandma had given us
as a Christmas gift and a Target Gift Card I've received as well.

We are almost 100% prepared for next Christmas with No Out of Pocket from us!

I'm so glad I waited, planned, and shopped when the savings were high.
Now we'll be able to enjoy all of these things next Christmas knowing we didn't
go into debt paying for them and that they came from gifts from our families.


I hope and pray you and your family had a very Merry Christmas
and a blessed New Year!!

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